V&J - Vargo & Janson, P.C.
Vargo & Janson's attorneys average in excess of 20 years general debt collection and subrogation experience.
Vargo & Janson specializes in inter-company arbitration with a recovery ratio of 90%. It is higher when considering successful settlements made with an adverse carrier not wishing to respond.
The bi-lingual Collections staff averages 20 plus years experience.
Type of DebtV&J Average Recovery
Uninsured Motorist Subrogation21%*
* Recent benchmarking articles appearing in The Subrogator, published by National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP), place national average at 6-8%.
Credit Unions25.5%
Property Management32%
The industry-wide average recovery rate was 13.8% according to the ACA Agency Benchmarking Survey of 2008

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